Add Recreational Competitor

Registered Training Facilities will Login to their accounts through the 'RTF Login' link via the main menu.

Before adding any Recreational Competitor the RTF must confirm the details of the Competitor such as the correct spelling of the name and the year of birth. These details cannot be edited after by either the RTF or the Competitor. The addition of incorrect details may lead to the suspension of the RTF.



For security reasons all RTF login will require the email supplied by the RTF and a Password generated by DSA.


Once Logged in the RTF will have the following three options;


Add Recreational


This is where RTFs can change their own contact details. Details such as phone numbers and mailing address can be updated instantly.

The 'ADD' button is used to Add a Recreational Member to the Database. Recreational Members added in this manner will be identified with the joining RTF.

View a list of the Recreational Members associated to this RTF.


At the time a Recreational Competitor is added to the DSA database, DSA will create a Password for that Recreational Competitor. At the time of adding the Registration the RTF will have access to that Password. Due to privacy considerations a Competitor can, at any time, change this Password thereby blocking the access of the RTF.