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About Project 5000

In July 2012, under the Presidency of Mr. Don McRobert, a meeting was called to build the numbers within the Australian DanceSport industry.

The meeting included your elected DanceSport Australia National Council Members and the convenors of all DSA Commissions who met in Sydney for the 'Industry Review' and 'Think Tank'. Topics of discussion during the full day meeting were wide ranging and covered most of the important areas of DanceSport in Australia.

Below is an extract from Focus August 2012 which summarises the outcome from that meeting. As you can see from the Focus article the responses from the various interest groups is wide and complex. As expected there are many aspects to the industry that should be changed to increase participation.

It has taken many months and a lot of background work to reach a point where change can begin. Everyone will understand the need for changes to be introduced in a logical manner that lays foundations for the future. With that we move from the 'seed' of change in 2012 to the first actual change in 2014.