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About this Website

This website is here to deal with the 'Project 5000' initiatives. It contains information that is specific to Project 5000 and is separate to the main DanceSport Australia site.

This website gives DSA Members and competitors access to their Points, Accreditation and competition history.

Registered Teaching Facilities (RTFs) can use this portal to administer their Recreational competitors.


Mobile Devices

Significant effort has been made to make this website 'One Web' compliant. Essentially this means that people can view this website on any computer, tablet or phone and the web page will automatically change format to the screen size. This is quite different to websites that run a separate mobile version of the same site, of which many are not updated correctly. This is 'one/singular' website that will have common data regardless of the device you are viewing it on.

Of course there are many websites that only display the full browser page on phones and these are extremely frustrating to navigate when viewing from a phone.