DANCE Wollongong 2018
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Recreational Day Pass to
FULL Recreational Competitor

For those who have sampled DanceSport with a 'Day Pass' and now want to register with a FULL Recreational Registration the procedure is a simple one.

Login via the DSA Login page using the CID number on your 'Day Pass'. Your temporary password will be 123456 which you will be able to change after the payment process has been completed.

The DSA Login page will redirect you to a payment page and after the payment has been verified and applied to your account you will have full access as a Recreational competitor.


The cost of FULL Recreational Registration is $20.00
This Fee will be paid through PayPal.


Validating Your Email

All entries need to be linked to an Email Address that belongs to you. It is for this reason that all Email Addresses are validated.

If your Project 5000 Username is a valid email address then you are already validated.

If you are accessing the system for the first time you will be sent an email with a link that will validate the Email Address. An Email Address is only validated once and will remain validated on your return visit even if it is to place an entry for a different competition.