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Update: 2017 DANCE Wollongong

The Running Orders for Saturday, Sunday and the Premiers Room have been posted online.

Listed below are three links as each Running Order is posted to a seperate page on

Sunday's events will be conducted over 2 rooms which allows some flexability in the Premiers Room. If anyone has a conflict between the 2 rooms on Sunday they need to contact the Floor Marshals in the Premiers Room on the day.



Sunday Premiers Room:


Competitor Back Numbers can be found online at:

NOTE: No deposit is required when picking up your Back Number. The Back Number is yours to keep as a souvenir of the 2017 DANCE Wollongong National Championship.

To check what events you have entered or pay your Entry Fee simply login to the On-Line Entry System with the same email address that was used to place the entry.

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