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Message from the DSA President for July 2017

As we move to the 2017 National Elections it is timely that we review the Board’s current work, as well as looking at the challenges that lie ahead.

Your DSA Board of Directors has worked passionately and persistently for DanceSport over the past two years, with much of this time devoted to the growth of DanceSport participation. Participation is the key to the development of DanceSport and is an integral part of the Recreational Division. Today’s Recreational participant will become tomorrow’s Amateur competitor.

The past two years have seen an increase in the number of Registered Teaching Facilities (RTFs) - our member studios - registered with DSA. This has led to a direct increase in the number of Recreational competitors, with many of those Recreational competitors moving up to the Amateur Division. However, overall numbers in the Amateur Division are not increasing due to the ‘retirement’ of our older competitors. This is, no doubt, a challenge we will see for several years, but does not diminish our enthusiasm to create a ‘Studio’ environment that nurtures future competitors.

DSA is also working with these RTFs to expand the Teacher/Student categories of DanceSport competitions. It is not possible to have a serious conversation about a ‘career’ in DanceSport if there is no work available for our young coaches.

This year the National Championship, DANCE, moved to the seaside city of Wollongong and, along with the move, had a ‘makeover’. This was done to inject new excitement into this Championship - and excite it did, with over 1,500 spectators and competitors attending. All sponsors, including Mercedes Wollongong, have confirmed their participation for 2018, which is thrilling and heartening. So yes, work has already commenced for DANCE Wollongong 2018!

Members and Recreational competitors who were unable to attend DANCE Wollongong 2017 can view every event held in the main ballroom via the DanceSport Australia Video Service. This service has been made possible by the Directors’ decision to commission a dedicated web server which houses the site. DanceSport members can expect more services to be available from this platform in the future.
Some of the past initiatives through this p5000 website include the ability to change bonus points and view Recreational rankings.

It is exhilarating to see new competitions evolving, especially the Development series (starting this July, in Victoria) targeting beginner competitors, their friends and families. This means spectators enjoy free admission in the same style as amateur cricket, football and tennis! This is another way we are developing our competition participation; those spectators could be tomorrow’s beginners.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the fabric of DanceSport in Australia. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated and I am honoured to have been your President for this past term. I know challenges are upon us, but I truly believe that by concentrating on providing value for members, DanceSport can increase numbers.

Dallas Williams
President of DanceSport Australia

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