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Optional Bonus Points

This is a very important notice for all C & B Grade competitors, and their Coaches.


A major challenge for DanceSport in Australia is how to balance the needs of competitors throughout the entire country. The dancing habits of those in highly populated areas are not the same for rural areas, and this causes some to feel that the ‘system’ does not work for them.

Not sure how the 'POINTS' work for the Amateur Division then Click Here....


All Bonus Points will be optional!

Everybody’s needs are different. Competitors and Coaches work in unison so that personal goals are achieved and DanceSport grows. The Directors of DanceSport recognise this uniqueness and have moved a motion that all Bonus Points be optional. So the competitor decides if the available Bonus Points are to be added to their total for elevation.


Points awarded to Amateur competitors are separated into two parts;


By default all competitor accounts are set so that Bonus Points are included in the total for elevation. This status can be easily changed by;

  1. logging into your account at www.p5000.org (see below),

  2. Clicking on the ‘Competitor Points Summary’ button.

Summary of your points will be displayed and whether the Bonus Points are included in the total. You can change your 'Bonus Points Status' by clicking the button that appears below your Points Summary.


Bonus Points Status

The ‘Bonus Points Status’ can be changed at any time without restriction. This option is not style specific, it is all or nothing. On the elevation dates, (1st January & 1st July each year) , the ‘Bonus Point Status’ will be used to calculate the elevation point total and competitors reaching the required total will elevate to the next Grade.


The Directors are confident that competitors and Coaches will embrace this modification to develop their personal DanceSport experience.


How to change your Bonus Points status


Step 1.

Login to your account at www.p5000.org with your Username (or CID number) and Password.


Phone Login


Desktop Login



Step 2.

Within your account Click the Competitor Points Summary button. This will show your current Point Status.


Points Summary


Step 3.

Click the 'Change Bonus Status' button to open the function.

Points Summary

Step 4.

Select the option you want from the drop-down menu and then click ‘Update’. Done!


NOTE: If you change your mind simply reopen this option and change the status.

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