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Recreational Rule Clarification for 2018

Recreational Rule Clarification for 2018

Recreational events are designed to be fun, inexpensive and safe; essentially this is the ‘grassroots’ area for ‘entry level’ participants.

There has been a growing trend for teachers and/or amateur competitors, to partner students in Recreational Individual (i.e. Best Girl and Boy) events; with some taking payment for their services. However the rule is for both partners to be from the Recreation division, which has been misinterpreted. (See existing Rules 10.2 and 20.12)

DSA has had complaints that the events are not fair. Parents have objected and stated they will not enter their children when the playing field is not level. In some finals, the only competitors who make it are those Recreational dancers who are partnered by their teacher or registered dancer.



The Directors of DSA have published a brief Recreational Policy document that clarifies who may participate in Recreation Division events. This Policy will take affect 1st January 2018. Click here if you want to see the full document however to summarise; 

Participation in a Recreational Division event is restricted to people registered in the Recreational Division.


Amateurs Partnering Recreational

Amateurs that want to partner Recreational students must do so in Teacher/Student events. DSA understands that there are some Amateurs that do not have Accreditation and for that reason the following will also be introduced;

For the purposes of Teacher/Student events, and for the calendar year 2018 only, DSA will recognise registered Amateur Division members as the “Teacher” member of competing partnerships.

This means that those Registered Amateurs who partnered in 2017 can continue to do so for 2018, in the Teacher/Student section, whilst obtaining their ADI certification. The online entry system will be amended to accommodate this change.

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