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Recreational Day Pass

As part of DanceSport Australia’s commitment to its strategic plan, the Project 5000 initiatives and the various State Government agreements, building our ‘Grass Root’s level is one of our highest priorities currently. To that end, we have continued to consult with our accredited coaches, RTFs and other sporting organisations on what can be done to encourage even more people to participate in the Recreational Division of DanceSport Australia.

It emerged that most sports have introduced a 'Day Pass' system to their sport so that people can participate in a nationally structured activity that is uniform and easy to understand, particularly for parents, across all competitions in Australia. As you would be aware, some competitions in Australia do run novelty events (medalist, novice, individual, etc.) which vary from competition to competition and are becoming an increasing source of complaints from parents and coaches due to the inconsistency.

DanceSport Australia is very excited to announce that we too have introduced a 'Day Pass' system for those dancers new to DanceSport, to try a competition, without having to pay the annual fee of $20. The Day Pass is only $5 which covers the day of the competition they wish to compete at.

This exciting new development in DanceSport creates an opportunity for participants who are not financial members of DanceSport Australia or enrolled in the Recreational Division of DanceSport Australia enjoy the benefits of DanceSport whilst also contribute to the costs of running the sport ofDanceSport. It also ensures they are covered by an appropriate level of insurance while they are participating in events.


Important Information:

There is no denying that this is a fantastic step forward and shows that working with Accredited Coaches, RTFs and other sporting organisations makes for a growing DanceSport family.


We look forward to your help in promoting this new initiative and increasing our Recreational Division.

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