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How to get more spectators at competitions

Many surveys have been done over the past decade and there is an overriding theme and that is the cost of DanceSport Events being a deterrent to spectators.


No real surprise, I mean we have all been there, that is reluctant to ask friends or relatives to come and see you dance because the cost of watching you could not be justified. Of course less spectators means less atmosphere so probably next time that competition is run there will be fewer again.


Free Admission at DanceSport Development Competitions

‘Development Competition’ registration status was introduced at the start of 2017 and the cost for spectators has been addressed in the actual definition of the competition registration; that is spectators have FREE ADMISSION.


One of the features of a ‘Development Competition’ is that spectators attend free of charge and that competitors pay a small Entry Fee per Event (usually $5) to cover costs. Of course this is just one aspect that is different so follow the link to find out more about ‘Development Competitions’.


CLICK HERE for more Development Competition info.


Whilst ‘Development Competitions’ have been introduced to combat this situation at small and studio based competitions, there is a real problem for larger competitions where costs (and restrictions) have risen dramatically over the past decade. For example large venues do not allow Organisers to print their own Admission Tickets, for legal reasons these things must be done through a specialised company like ‘Ticket Master, adding cost and complexity to the procedure.


General Admission Cost

Currently the majority of the people attending competitions are competitors. So most of the money collected to pay for that competition is paid by the competitors themselves. Any interested spectators are also charged the same amount so that when General Admission Tickets get above the $60-$70 mark spectator numbers fall sharply. DanceSport Australia learnt this lesson last year at D.A.N.C.E. in Canberra with a good showing of competitors but a less than acceptable spectator attendance.


The move to Wollongong has allowed a rethink and consultation with Wollongong Council & local Wollongong business have determined that General Admission Tickets start at $40 for adults and $20 for children, (free under 5years). There is confidence that at this level we will attract spectators and so far ticket sales have confirmed this.


Click Here D.A.N.C.E. Wollongong Entry Fee page.

How to get more spectators at competitions

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