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Development Competitions to attract new competitors

As part of DanceSport Australia's commitment to growing DanceSport, an exciting new type of competition - the Development Competition Pilot Program - has been launched. These are targeted to get new dancers involved. It is intended (but not limited to) that this Development Program be run in participating Registered Teaching Facilities (RTFs). This partnership will benefit studios registered with DSA and will promote an environment that will encourage participants at the 'grass roots' level.

Development Competitions have the following features:

These competitions are designed for maximum appeal to new dancers, keeping costs to a minimum. The program may include a variety of Recreational, Amateur, Teacher/Student, Differently-Abled and Street Latin events.

DanceSport Development Competitions are designed to:

Lowering costs as much as possible

So they can appeal to as many new people as possible, events are to be run simply and at low cost by:

Dancers will not be required to become full members of DanceSport Australia. Non-members will simply purchase a $5 ‘Recreational Day Pass’ via the p5000 website, using PayPal or a credit card. The website is simple to use.

Free admission for spectators

All DanceSport Development Competitions will provide free admission for spectators, which is already being done very successfully in Europe, Asia and the USA. This will not only benefit dancers, their families and friends, but also increase awareness of DanceSport among the general public. We want to encourage people to come along, enjoy watching and potentially get involved themselves. This means:

Competitors' costs

All competitors will, via an online portal, pay $5 for each event they enter. This makes organising competitions easier if competitors pre-pay.

If you are not a DSA member you will need to buy a $5 Recreational Day Pass.

This is in line with overseas DanceSport competitions, where competitors pay an online entry fee prior to the event.

Competition duration

DanceSport Development Competitions are designed to be of much shorter duration than the traditional ‘all day/all night’ competitions/championships:


Another innovation is that, rather than dancers having to wait long periods for their presentations, these will be scheduled at intervals of no more than two hours.

Getting new dancers into DanceSport via DSA Development Competitions

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