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How many times have you been at a DanceSport competition and marvelled at the time and effort to bring it all together. Yet no one outside of DanceSport would know of its existence. This is a major problem facing our sport and getting our message out there in today’s time poor environment is getting harder. Really what can DanceSport do?

Certainly media advertising would improve awareness but the cost is prohibitive. Sponsors I hear you say? Yes sponsors can pay for advertising but sponsors are not interested unless DanceSport has a decent base they can use for marketing. Once again, a circular argument not in our favour.

So the challenge is how to raise awareness in a sustainable, cost effective way that can interest sponsors to support DanceSport. The DanceSport Video Service was designed for this very reason and Members can help spread the word.

Let's be blunt ... the DanceSport Video Service was not built so that competitors can look at themselves, the DanceSport Video Service has been designed to SHARE!  Every clip in the library has a unique share button that can post directly to Facebook. This enables Members to share specific video with friends and family.

Everyone should keep in mind that the recording of competitions is just a starting point for this service. Suggestions have been made for tutorial videos from Recreational routines through to dress decorating. Members can access the Video Service through their login. Here you will find a big yellow button that will take you to the library.

Click here to find out how the DanceSport Video Service works and how it performed at the recent Queensland competition - QNDC.

The next competition to have video will be the Gold Coast Classic 20 and 21 May, followed by D.A.N.C.E. Wollongong on the 24 and 25 June.

DanceSport Video Service allows competitors can look at themselves and SHARE to family and friends on Facebook.  Find out more.

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