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DSA Video Service at the 2017 QNDC

Dallas Williams

The Royal Pines Resort, arguably one of the best DanceSport venues in the country, was chosen for our first outing for the 'LIVE TEST' of the new DanceSport Australia Video Service. As with all development projects there were things that worked, things that didn't and more importantly things we learnt during the course of the weekend that will improve and deliver the desired outcome for DanceSport.

DanceSport Australia Video Service

Apart from 'learning on the job' we had some technical issues which prevented us from recording every event on the Saturday, noticeably you will find events 96 to 105 not listed. Also the quality of the sound and camera positions improved as the weekend progressed which I am sure you will notice when comparing earlier videos to those later in the weekend.

Thanks to Chris & Sharon for taking a leap of faith and allowing this project to be part of the 2017 QNDC. Also a big thank you to Hemi, Tanya and Narise for giving up their Easter holiday time when it could have been spent with family.

What is the point of the Video Service? ... Good question, as I am sure it does not go unnoticed that video cameras are everywhere, including phones, so what's the point you say. Believe it or not this project is not focused (pun intended) on you - 'the dancer', yes of course you can look at these videos and admire your performance or check out the opposition but that is a side benefit of a far far far larger picture. (I should also think that with the investment in equipment such as multiple cameras and video switching hubs the video form this service will be slightly better than the average phone.)

It must be obvious to everyone involved in DanceSport that these fabulous competitions such as the QNDC are unknown to anyone outside of the Dance Studios directly involved with DanceSport. The Video Service you are currently looking at has been designed from the ground up to SHARE each item on the running order, so you may share our fantastic sport with Grandma, Uncle Dave, the boy next door.

Why not simple 'Live Stream' the whole competition? ... Another good question! Live Streaming is effective when the viewer wants to watch the 'Whole Event' however our 'Whole Event' would consist of about 15 hours of video per day, Grandma, Uncle Dave, the boy next door ... will not engage with that amount of content. Breaking each 'item' into separate files allows DanceSport competitors the ability to share specific performances that can be instantly recognised by Grandma, Uncle Dave, the boy next door.

What can I do to help DanceSport? ... Best question yet!!! Share your performances with your friends and family, spread the message about our sport by watching the videos and then pressing the Share Button & write positive comments.

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