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Starting out as an Assistant DanceSport Instructor  02-08-2017

Develop our dancers by becoming an Assistant DanceSport Instructor (ADI). Accreditation is the first step!

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Message from the DSA President for July 2017  19-07-2017

As we move to the 2017 National Elections it is timely that we review the Board’s current work as well as looking at the challenges that lie ahead.

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How to improve spectator numbers at DanceSport Competitions  18-07-2017

To boost numbers and improve atmosphere, DanceSport competitions need to be more affordable. Therefore a new, and fairer price structure is being introduced.

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Development Competitions to attract new competitors  17-07-2017

DanceSport is more than ever available for new dancers. ‘Free admission’ and ‘pay per event’ are just two of the features in the new Development Competitions.

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The Right Stuff to Wear: What about Recreational? (Part 2)  12-07-2017

Recreational competitors have a simple syllabus and dress code - to focus on the basics - and to be low cost. Practice wear and no bling is the way to go.

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DANCE Wollongong - What a Wonderful Event  10-07-2017

DanceSport Nationals in Wollongong - new and improved location - WIN stadium. Very successful competition; Mercedes sponsored including amazing lighting.

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On-Line Entries Date
DMIA Star Championship (WA) Sun 13 August 2017
ADS Bendigo DanceSport Classic (Vic) Sat 19 Aug 2017
DASA 60th Open State Title DanceSport Championship (SA) Sun 20 Aug 2017
WDCAL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championship (NSW) Sat 26 Aug 2017
Geelong Classic DanceSport Festival (Vic) Sat 2nd September 2017
SA Dance Cup (SA) Sat 16 Sept 2017
DME - Art Sport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future League - September (NSW) Sun 17 Sep 2017
ADS Premiere DanceSport Championship (Vic) Sun 17 Sep 2017
AID Rising Star Championship (WA) Sunday 17th September2017
Tabcorp Park DanceSport Titles (Vic) Sun 24 Sep 2017
ADS Golden West Dancesport Festival (WA) Sun 8th Oct 2017
ADS Star DanceSport Spectacular (Qld) Sat 14 Oct 2017
South Coast Ballroom Spectacular (NSW) Sun 15 Oct 2017
SA Open DanceSport Championships (SA) Sun 22 Oct 2017
Live Lighter WA Open DanceSport Championship () 28 October 2017